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Can't Help Being Paranoid in a 20' by 20' Room

I'd like to direct you all to a posting on The 20' by 20' Room, a gaming-dedicated web log. With the pending return of the roleplaying game Paranoia in a new edition, Rob MacDougall has given some thought to the most commonly discussed issues on the Paranoia Live Forums and come to his own conclusions about the important elements of Paranoia and how the designers should aim to preserve them.

It's a very interesting read, especially for me, as I was buying into a lot of the window-dressing discussions he mentions (I think I said "Oof" once or twice while reading it). I also couldn't help but chuckle at a few of his other comments, especially on geeks and nostalgia.

It also doesn't hurt that he mentions Jared Sorensen and InSpectres at least once apiece.

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