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The Josef K Memorial Glee Club

Sounds like the name of a dodgy movie, doesn't it? If you agreed with me, you'd be close; in fact, it's the name of a site for a bunch of USyd lit-cinema students who enjoyed the experience so much, they watch and critique movies on their own, without any external incentive (like tests and gradings)!

It's a little sparse at the moment, but very professionally laid out. Boots is hosting it on his OptusNet web space, much as the Cazman is his. In fact, the reason I'm posting this is because Boots razzed me out last night for putting a post up for Cazman's site and not his. Well here it is, Boots! Happy now?

Oh, I suppose you want me to actually link to it, don't you? Well, fine! Here you go! We'll see who's laughing when your little site crashes from sheer volume of traffic, won't we?

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