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Classic Fear and Ignorance, All-New User-Unfriendly Interface!

My man Gav has already broached this bit of excellent news to the IMAGinewS group, but I thought I'd better post it for all to read: that classic roleplaying game of a darkly humourous future, Paranoia, is on its way back to gaming store shelves everywhere in a brand-new edition!

The Creators of the First and Second Editions, Greg Costikyan and Eric Goldberg, are re-uniting to write what's tentatively titled PARANOIA XP, and will be joined by Allen Varney and Aaron Allston, with kvetching from Ken Rolston, Line Developer for Paranoia back in the West End Games days. The new edition, whatever it's called, will be published by Mongoose Publishing, those loveable lads and lasses from Swindon, Wiltshire, UK (where Roger lives, the lucky bastard).

Although precise details will be hammered out on the Paranoia XP Developer's Blog hosted by Costikyan, the crew will do for Paranoia what classic fans wish Richard Hatch had been given the chance to do for Battlestar Galactica: ignore the crap bits of continuity (the Crash, the ReBoot, the Fifth Edition) and take the game back to its satirical roots while ensuring relevance to the modern world. In Greg Cokstikyan's own words: "Spam. Viruses. Identify theft. Digital rights management. 'Trusted computing.' Weapons of mass destruction.

"Paranoia: Now more than ever."

Also, the crew are foregoing any attempt to shoehorn Paranoia into the D20 System, opting instead to stick with "a modified and simplified version of PARANOIA's second edition rules [which] do use a 20-sided die". Your Friend And Mine puts it perfectly: "PARANOIA is fun. D20 games are not fun. The Computer says so. PARANOIA's second edition rules were, of course, perfect. The new PARANOIA XP expunges certain imperfections introduced by subversive elements, and will be even more perfect."

Gav wrote, "I'm so happy I could cry." While I share the sentiment, I'm sure he'll agree that crying is treason, which is punishable by summary execution, and so we both shall remain within the guidelines laid down by Our Friend, The Computer for the expression of happiness - which, after all, is mandatory.

Are you happy, Citizen?

(Footnote: This'll really hike the going price of my 2nd Edition set on eBay - if I wanted to get rid of them, of course...)

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