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Building Back Up

Well, I've got the trickiest part of rebuilding my PC - swapping all the hardware over onto the new motherboard - out of the way, and the PC is now booting up at the hardware level (which goes to show what one slip of a pair of pliers can do to a computer). However, just as predicted, Windows XP isn't loading. Most likely, the motherboard drivers Windows XP installed at the last setup don't like the new mobo, and as they're pretty much the foundations of Windows XP's interaction with the hardware, there's not much I can do short of a full reformat and rebuild.

Before I take that drastic step, though, I want to copy all of my data off my hard drive and onto Vickie's PC. This means taking the hard drive out of my PC, setting it up as a slave on hers (much as her old drive is right now - in fact, as Vickie hasn't mentioned any gaps between the stuff on it and the stuff on her current HDD, I can pretty much take her old HDD out safely) and copying the data I want to keep across, dragging it back over across the network once I've put the basic WinXP build on my hard drive.

After stuffing around with my motherboard and bits tonight, I think I'll leave that for tomorrow.

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