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Off the Air

Last night, in an effort to get all of the computer stuff out of the way before Dan rocked over (and because I knew we'd be too busy today preparing for the market tomorrow), I tried putting the fanless chipset heat sink on my motherboard. Unfortunately, in doing so, I managed to scratch the underside of the board, and now my PC refuses to boot up.

Thankfully, I do have a spare motherboard, and considering my other components, I shouldn't have much, if any, of a performance hit using it. Still, as it's a change in motherboard, Windows XP will probably throw a tantie, necessitating a rebuild (again).

So for the moment, I'm off the air (I'm posting this from Vickie's PC), which means I won't be checking e-mail regularly (I can get to it via Yahoo, it's just a pain in the arse to do so).

By the way: I vaguely remember loaning my Animatrix DVD to someone, but I can't remember whom. Is it one of you? And if so, can I have it back soon, please? (If it's you, Gav, I'll give you back The Gamers at the same time.)

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