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Indier Than Thou

Apologies for MC Frontalot for stealing his song title for my post title, but I seem to be doing pretty well with independent RPG writers on the linkage front. You've already read about das linkage to Cars Needs Women! by Jared Sorensen, and the acceptance of das character sheet for Lacuna by same.

Well, I sent the URL for my Wushu Guide to The Matrix Optional Rules to Dan Bayn, and he was so impressed that - guess what - he put a link to them on the Wushu Guide to The Matrix home page.

Not bad, eh?

On other news, I finally have Vickie's new case buttoned up. The fan filters, cables and North-bridge fanless heat sink finally arrived from PC Case Gear. One filter and the 3-pin to molex fan connector went into Vickie's PC, and I have another filter and the Northbridge heat sink yet to go into my beast, probably on Friday or Saturday. While doing the work on Vickie's PC, I discovered which RAM stick has been giving us so much trouble lately - even with two 256MB RAM sticks, Vickie's PC was only reporting 384 MB RAM present. This I took to be a bad sign, so I did some trial-and-error swapping of the sticks to find out which one was causing the trouble (the oldest, a generic 256MB stick of PC2100 RAM) and took the offending stick out.

That left Vickie with only 256MB, which can be a little slim when you're running Neverwinter Nights. As you just can't get PC2100 RAM any more, I've ordered a single stick of 512MB PC2700 RAM from EYO, along with a set of cheap Creative 2.1 speakers. I've mentioned a new set of speakers on and off to Vickie, and she's never really been interested, so I've not pursued it too much - but while I was re-connecting her peripherals after transferring her stuff to the new case, I noticed that the right speaker (which has the power connection and the input cable from the PC) would blow sparks from its power port whenever I plugged the power cable in. This I took to be another bad sign, so I'm bloody well replacing them - they must be five years old by now, at least.


Hey...the things you find out by reading your partner's website!

Apart from doing what you've already done to my machine, now I find out that I'm going to have my other problems with it fixed.

Thank you darling.


Posted by: Vickie at February 19, 2004 12:29 AM

:-) I was waiting for you to notice it last night, but it looks as though you hadn't read the e-mail before I crashed !

Posted by: IMAGinES at February 19, 2004 06:51 AM
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