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Lacuna and Lawnmowers

After the thunder and rain of a couple of weeks ago, the heat has moved in. It was thirty-eight degrees at midday in Sydney yesterday, one of those times I was thankful for an air-conditioned office to hide in.

First off, good news: I called Aunt Heather in the UK on Sunday night, and Grandma is in hospital, but feeling better. It turns out sheíd broken her leg, not her hip (phew), and she didnít fall; the leg had already been weakened by an earlier bump and picked that moment in the driveway to give way on her. The doctors have put a plate into her, and I think theyíre keeping her in for recovery and observation right now.

Vickie and I spent most of the weekend in the garden. An encounter with a tree root stuffed our lawnmower, so I made a dash down to Bunnings Warehouse to buy a new one Ė and in keeping with the overall fitness kick right now, I picked up a push-mower. Vickie went absolutely nuts on the front and back garden beds, removing the honeysuckle that was growing on (and pushing over) the back fence and cutting our bougainvillea plant back. We filled bags of garden waste, which will probably have to wait until the next cleanup day before we can get rid of them.

Out of interest, I put together a Lacuna character sheet and play summaries for players and GMs, even though Iíll probably never run the game (yes, Iíve been bored lately). I like its premise; that the players are hunting the dark side of human nature through a dream-city of the collective unconscious. Itís one of those games that inspires ideas for campaign rather than handing plot hooks to the GM, and thatís thanks in the main to a setting thatís only semi-complete. Nonetheless, the only thing this game needs to be fully run-able is your imagination; once you start asking questions about the topics the game only touches on, you come up with all kinds of broad themes and adventure ideas.

Interestingly enough, considering Jared Sorensen wrote it, itís not an iSystem roleplaying game. On the other hand, the iSystem winds up in Jaredís more extensive RPGs (like octaNe and InSpectres) and this oneís only fifteen pages long. Still, the system for this is appropriate for its subject matter. Overall, Lacuna is good quality for whatís essentially a free RPG, and packs a lot of meat into its fifteen pages.

On the topic of octaNe, I think our Dan has had some serious inspiration for a session. When heíll organise it, Iím not sure, but I think itíll be soon.

And still on the gaming front, Iím organising a get-together for my Heavy Gear: Black Talon players on the 28th of February. That ďdevelopmentĒ I mentioned a while ago? Boots has a friend whoís never played a roleplaying game before, but is keen to get involved. Apparently Boots has been doing a good job of selling Black Talon to her, because he described her as ďpumpedĒ when I called him this morning (yes, he's back from a week of excess in Byron). The 28th is going to be more of a get-to-know-you thing, whilst giving the existing players a refresher after a four-month-or-so hiatus. (Which reminds me, Boots: are you ever going to do that report or shall I just write something?) We may also guide our prospective player through the process of making a character. With any luck, we'll get that final training session out of the way in March, and then the campaign can begin in earnest...

I still have that Music in Gaming article to finish. Iíll get stuck into it this evening after dinner.

Old Comments

Hehe! I bought a Flymo push mower from Thornleigh Bunnings on Sunday.

Cute little thing... Light-weight, Affordable, Instructions were amusing, yet comprehendable... Went home via my Dad's place, and gave it a test run there down the back...

My arms hurt.

Posted by: Lauren at February 13, 2004 06:31 PM

Just keep at it, Lauren: your biceps will be bloody 'ooge in no time!

Not that mine are yet, but still...

Posted by: IMAGinES at February 13, 2004 08:24 PM


No, it's my forearms and wrists that are stiff and twisted.
No bulging muscles either, but I do have a nice tan line, and a hatred of dandelions.

Posted by: Lauren at February 18, 2004 05:39 PM
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