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General February Update

We've been hoping to get Vickie's jewellery business up and running, and Lesley has helped us organise a stall at the Frenchs Forest Markets. The problem is, it's the twenty-second - the day immediately after the planned Battlestar Galactica/Red Vs. Blue day. Getting ready for the markets is going to eat into Saturday, and if we want to get enough sleep, we can't stay up late.

So, after my ranting and raving in that posting a few weeks ago, it looks like it's time I ate my words - I'm cancelling the Battlestar Galactica day. If you're still interested in organising it sometime later, gimme a hoy.

I also got a phone call from Mum yesterday mornig; my Gran in the UK had a fall in her driveway and broke her hip. She's in hospital at the moment, andfrom the sounds of things, she hasn't been feeling too good lately. Vickie and I got her some flowers and chocolates, and we'll give my aunt Heather a call tonight.

In lighter news, I've been keeping an eye on a mysterious project Jared Sorensen (Mr. Memento Mori) has been working on, called Lacuna. It's premiered in Daedalus, a new online roleplaying e-zine, and it looks like a really spun-out little RPG. You can download the issues (as PDF files) for free from the Daedalus website (although they do accept PayPal donations), so you can check it out easily.

Dan popped over this evening, and we played some Crimson Skies. I didn't have the utter meltdown that I did the last time we played, and I actually had a fairly solid game, but the dice let me down once or twice. At the beginnign of (I think) the fourth turn, Dan had lost one plane of five, whereas two of my five were down, including my ace, and one was Shaken. I conceded then.

Gav's still organising his Star Wars campaign, although we've yet to settle on a venue. He's organised six players, and while half of us live around the Hornsby area, the other half and Gav are much closer to the city. So we'll have to sort something out.

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Can we make it on an odd saturday so I'm not sleep dep please?

Posted by: Lauren at February 7, 2004 09:41 AM
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