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Well, shit.

That's sort of how Vickie and I are feeling right now. See, we wound up right under a big lightning-cloud during last night's thunderstorm, and with this morning's forecast of "late thunder", we thought it'd be a good idea to stay in this evening rather than brave the weather for Boots' get-together at the noodle market tonight.

So you can probably understand how we feel after looking outside at the only semi-cloudy sky to the East.

It's a little too late to dash around and try and meet up with Boots now; besides, he said something about how everyone else he invited cancelled out for the same reason, so he's taking his lady out for a meal isntead. And there is a rather large, thick bank of cloud massing to the West; had we gone out, we might have been caught on the way home.

Tonight, we're going to just have a relaxing evening in; myself, Vickie and that early Tom Cruise flick, Risky Business (which I've never actually seen). Vickie usually works on Friday nights, so I don't intend to waste this one.

That being said, I'd better be off. Here's hoping your Australia Day Long Weekend's a good one!

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