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The Diet's Working...

I got on the scales this morning for the first time in two weeks; I'm down from close on eighty-nine kilos to around eighty-six. I knew all these Lean Cuisines and Healthy Choices must have been doing something. (Thank you, my darling Vickie!)

The exercise helps as well. I'm occasionally using the lift, but mostly, it's four flights of stairs up and down. I'm also walking to and from the further train station from work almost every day. I've discovered a route that keeps me out of the sun, as both ways I'm walking into it, so it's a slightly more comfortable trip now - at least, on the going to work leg.

Anyway, I had another look at the Side-Projects site earlier on. It's going to need more work than anticipated, especially as a few pages are missing. I also want to make the pages quicker to load and less bandwidth-intensive (not that they were particularly in the first place); this will mean getting rid of the topic heading graphics (bye bye Galactican font) and putting the page styles onto CSS (which will likely cut a fair bit of code out of the pages, as well as making them easier to update).

But all of that can wait for a few days. As Vickie has worked three straight nights, tonight's going to be an "us" night, and tomorrow night we're dashing down to the North Sydney Friday Night Noodle Market to meet up with Boots and a possible new player for Black Talon.

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