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IMAGinES Side-Projects is Up!

When I started running the IMAGinES website from Marcus' server as a Movable Type blog, I promised myself I'd get some of my prior efforts off their GeoCities web spaces and back onto my own personal account. After some frantic FTPing and fiddling with HTML this evening, I can now say I'm a good way toward accomplishing that goal.

The Old IMAGinES Website has now become IMAGinES Side-Projects. It contains my larger RPG and story-writing efforts.

  • The Bubblegum Crisis RPG Super Site is largely complete, although thanks to some missing images, I may need to do some redesign work on it.
  • The Aliens Cyberpunk 2020 Conversion needs the most work; I'll probably be stripping it of images before I respost the information pages. I'd also like to edit the Materiel section down further.
  • And,of course, Slamdance and After... are still present, albeit unchanged. I'd like to make some vague comment about working on those, except I've done that before and naught has come of it. Still, the intent is there, and I know there's still a demand for more Slamdance.
Old Comments

You know I'm going to say it....

I still read over the first 10 chapters a couple of times a year.
I still enjoy reading them.

I STILL want more slamdance!!!

hella - I'm willing to swap sugarcookies for them...

Posted by: Lauren at January 23, 2004 11:49 AM
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