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It's Not the Heat that Kills You...

Well, we’re back from a rather exhausting weekend in Cairns. Four days of trying to fit as much catching up in as possible, plus a wedding on Saturday night, all in horrid humidity. Erk.

Aside from the humidity, Cairns is a nice place; the worst of the tourist areas is sited firmly out of town, at Port Douglas. There’s something comforting about not having to worry too much about traffic (unless you’re in it, of course, as half the other drivers are even less worried than you, so much so that they’re not even worried about doing things like indicating lane changes or pulling into intersections while you’re waiting behind them).

Vickie is currently working on a long and angry e-mail to her real estate agents right now. We did an inspection of her place, which she’s rented out, on Friday morning, and it was in a sorry state. The current tenant has made a mess of it, so much so that Vickie’s considering taking out an additional loan so she can afford to fix it up.

Catching up with Vickie’s family was good. I was a little worried about how well things would go, especially with Karl, Vickie’s son (who was the one getting married). Still, although Karl gave me the obligatory “Treat Vickie bad and you’ll answer to me” – he’s very protective of the females in his family – we got along okay, and I think he and I will probably head out on a Bloke’s Day the next time Vickie and I go up (probably August/September this year).

Of course, it helps that he’s got an Xbox as well…

The wedding went off fantastically, and we managed to get some great photos. Vickie’s planning to post them up on the Harvey Norman web service that came with our digital camera, and when she does I’ll be sure to link to them here.

While we were away, we had a phone call from Lesley, who wanted to know what we were doing on Sunday the 11th. It was Dan’s birthday that day, and she suggested that we pop over and do some gaming. We were, of course, in Cairns that day, but Lesley’s idea was a good one, so I’ve managed to rope Vickie, Gav and John the Mad Norwegian into heading over to Dan’s this coming Saturday night and playing some octaNe with him. It should be fun; I’ve had an adventure idea brewing for a while (no, not that one, Boots, I’m saving that for a con sometime). I was hoping I might even be able to rope Lesley in, but she’s going to be out that night.

Vickie’s grandson Rhys and I got to chat some while we were in Cairns. I showed him the trailers for Halo 2 that I had on the laptop, and he reckoned that it was going to get held back for a little longer, much like Half Life 2. As Bungie hasn’t been hacked for the Halo 2 source code I dismissed the point, but it looks like Rhys was very right; after I got back, I found a news item on Gamespot stating that Halo 2 may indeed be put back indefinitely. The Chief Xbox officer is already making id-like “when it’s ready” noises, so its April ’03 date (itself a push-back from the original Holiday Season '03 release) doesn’t seem to be good any more.

And to end this post on a gaming note, I discovered this morning that our local convenience store stocks Magic: The Gathering cards now. Apparently, there’s a young lad in the area that asked for them, and the storeowner got some in. Although this youngster comes in every day to buy boosters, the owner’s carrying them at a risk, because if this kid decides to quit the habit, he’ll be carrying a heap of stock that just won’t move. So if you’re in the Normanhurst area and play Magic, why not support your local businesses and start buying your cards from the convenience store on Denman Parade, opposite the train station?

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