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Good with the Bad

Evening everyone! It's been one of those days, it really has, when something good happens, but is soon followed up by something bad, or vice versa. It's odd, the way karma like that can balance in the one day.

The bad thing happened first. Vickie and I were planning to hook up with Boots at Hoyts Chatswood this evening so we could catch a 7.30 session of Return of the King. I get to work this morning (first day back after Christmas leave) and discover, lurking in my inbox, a meeting invitation.

For this evening.

From five until six.

Now, with Boots and RotK to look forward to this evening, I was so very tempted to say "Screw you guys and your short notice, I have prior plans." However, this was a client strategy meeting, on a matter that required a presence from my department, and as my manager was in Coffs Harbour this morning, on her way back from a well-deserved holiday in Queensland, I was the only person in my department with enough background and knowledge to fit the bill.

So, I accepted the meeting invitation, accepted that there was no way I'd be able to get home, get changed, have dinner with Vickie and then dash the both of us down to Chatswood to catch the showing (the next session at 8.30 would have finished just too late for me, who needs to be up at ten past six tomorrow to sort myself out for work), and called Vickie and then Boots to let them know what had happened. I'm not sure, but I think Boots is still going this evening.

The good thing is that the auction of my Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green stuff finished earlier today - and I made what I was hoping to make! Which is great, frankly, as this'll actually give me some readies for the trip to Cairns on Thursday (bloody Christmas, bah humbug). Thanks to the winner, and comiserations to our Rog, who had a bid in.

Anyway, I'm off to do some ironing. Gotta have pressed clothes for the trip, you know.

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