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Happy New Year '04!

Morning everyone! We've just sat up and watched the fireworks on TV. Very impressive; even more so when you consider that there wasn't a real theme throughout. I liked the ending, though; I think it's the first time I've seen anyone actually use the Bridge as a motif rather than a mounting point/launch platform. Very funky indeed!

Looney (James Lownie) popped over at just past seven, catching me mid-shave. We did some catching up and played a little Halo, during which Notlih and Notlih, Snr. arrived! We sat around, consumed the Heineken Looney so thoughtfully provided (Thank you again, Looney!), chatted for a bit about the companies we work for and some of the fun stuff Notlih's older brother gets to do for a livin', and around ten thirty everyone decided to depart. Looney headed north for a party in Wyong (we don't call him Looney for nothin'), and the Notlihs headed home for a New Year's in.

Thankfully, Vickie was home ten minutes before the fireworks started (she had to work this evening). Not so long ago, we called Boots to wish him and his party a Happy New Year. He passed us on to Gav, and although Dan and Lesley were talking about going, I think they'd gone home by that stage, as I wasn't handed on further. (Or maybe Boots was just saving on his mobile bill.)

We're having a browse at the moment, and marking our 2004 calendar up with our important dates.

A Happy New Year to one and to all! May your headaches when you wake up later this morning be less strong than the ones that may come later this year, even if you drank more tonight than you usually do!

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