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Those Magnificent Men at Mongoose and MilSims

I'd like to take up some of your time with some much-deserved - how do the young people say it nowadays? - "mad props" to a couple of RPG companies.

Now, as any regular reader surely knows, Mongoose Publishing are the company that publish Starship Troopers: The Roleplaying Game, a copy of which I purchased through Melbourne-based mail order firm Military Simulations a few weeks ago now (as I think I wrote not long after we moved up, there are no Friendly Local Gaming Stores in Cairns). Over the past few weeks, people have been posting on the Mongoose boards that the glue in the bindings of their copies of the book had been coming loose; the pages weren't sticking to the spine any more, with only the binding string holding them together. About a week ago, I noticed the same started happening with my copy; first the tops of the pages came away, and then the whole long edge of the page where it met the binding! (I think the symptoms started a little earlier than that, with the residue that usually holds the inside edge of the pages to each other going).

Mongoose staff member and forum monitor Matt discussed the issue with the posters. Matt made an offer: If a forum member e-mailed photos of their copy of the book demonstrating evidence of the binding problem, Mongoose would send out a new copy free of charge - even as far out as Australia. (Oddly enough, the books were from the printing press who usually did their work, and none of their previous products had had the problem.)

Needless to say, I found my digital camera and took photos of my copy of the book, showing how the pages had come loose. I forwarded my order confirmation e-mail from Military Simulations to Mongoose as a proof of purchase and attached the photos. I received an e-mail this morning from Mongoose, telling me the new copy was on its way.

I also sent an e-mail to Military Simulations, explaining the situation so they could take any appropriate action with their stock, and included a link to the thread in Mongoose Publishing's forum. Colin from MilSims replied, telling me to put the book I'd bought back in the post addressed to their Reply Paid number. Once he received it, he'd send a new one to me.

So, I bundled the book into a plastic bag and put it back into the box it came in, and popped it into the post today.

As I hope I've demonstrated, the teams at Mongoose Publishing and Military Simulations have given great customer service; they've responded in a timely and, especially in the case of Mongoose Publishing, very generous manner. When I started out in the hobby, I used to order product from MilSims all the time, and after this, I'll be glad to give them my patronage again. As for Mongoose, I'll quote one of the forum members, a gent who, appropriately nough, posts under the handle "Sgt Zim":

"Despite the growing pains of any new line of items...rpg and mini... you have done well by your customers in all ways.

"Perhaps because I tend to expect poor customer service as a rule, I am more than pleasantly surprised when I see "old style" attention to customer satisfaction and retention.

"I have been overjoyed that despite a few truly negative posts on the various SST lines, overall the criticism has been constructive and earnest for the success of Starship Troopers. That Mongoose responds so quickly and so positively to our concerns is a credit to the company, and to our hobbies."

Myself, I'd also like to highlight the trust that Mongoose has shown its customers and fan base, in choosing to offer a rapid response and timely replacement when they could have justifiably insisted on return of the actual products themselves.

So what'll I do with two copies of Starship Troopers: The Roleplaying Game?

That, my friends and readers, is an interesting question...

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My faith in Mongoose was assured during the Shadizar map debacle. What had happened was a freelancer had used a map available from WOTC's website and filed the names off, instead of making a new one. Needless to say, the Conan fans who'd bought the Shadizar: City of Wickedness box set weren't all that happy and neither were Mongoose.

What do they do?

Announce they'll send a free map (When a new one is finished) to all the people who bought the box as well as put it up on their website.

Looks nifty by the way. I'll be buying the box next pay.

And Mil Sims just rocks with the power of a thousand Iron Maiden gigs. Nuff said. :)

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