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Almost there... Alllmost therrre...

So I went to the second interview at the other job I applied for on Thursday, and things went pretty well. I met the person I'd be working for, and the details of the job were explained to me. It sounds quite challenging, but after almost six months of doing the same stuff over and over, I'm definitely up for a challenge, and said as much.

That evening, before the Radio for the Print Handicapped broadcast, I had a phone call from the recruiter. The firm is keen to have me on, and she wanted to make sure I was still keen once I'd had time to mull over what the position entailed. I told her I still am. She told me she'd do a reference check on Friday, and if my references were positive, she'd give me a call on Monday to go in and sign a contract of employment, with a start date of Monday week.

I had a minor heart attack when it turned out that the mobile number of one of my referees had changed, but I managed to track her down on Thursday night and got her new number, which I immediately e-mailed to the recruiter. The other two still work at my old firm, and the one I was able to reach, aside from still being amenable to providing a reference, said he'd let the other know to expect a phone call.

Things are looking good!

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