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Has It Been A Year Already?

Rob & Vickie's Wedding

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today is the first anniversary of the wedding of Vickie and I. On August the fourteenth, 2004, a simple ceremony was held in our living room at Fraser Road with family and friends in attendance, after which we all piled down to the Normanhurst Pizza Cafe to meet most of the rest of our friends for the reception.

On one hand, it barely seems like a year's been by; time is flashing past so quickly nowadays, I wonder how we suddenly got to one year after the event.

On the other hand, we've done so much in the past twelve months, including packing up and moving to Cairns, that it already seems as though we've been together our whole lives - it's hard sometimes to imagine life before we got together!

So what're we up to today? Not much, really - there's been a sudden cold snap up here and neither of us is particularly keen on poking our noses out of the back door, let alone the front! Make no mistake, though, we will be celebrating the occasion, with a fine dinner at the Breezes Restaurant at the Hilton Cairns tonight.

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