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At the Local Rag

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's official: I am now a permanent, full time employee of the Cairns Post! I commence in my position of Sales Administrator on Monday. My job will to assist the ad sales team sell column inches and keep on good terms with their clients; this will include such duties as maintaining schedules, taking phone calls from clients, proofing ads and that sort of thing.

I finish up at Centrelink with a not undue sense of relief. While I'll miss everyone there, the work itself was getting pretty darned repetitive, and the systems troubles over the past couple of weeks were driving everyone batty. (Not that there's any guarantee that the Post will be an improvement in the latter regard.)

Of course, as the Post is News Corporation's local rag, this means my soul is now wholly owned by Sir Rupert Murdoch...

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... so you are now a work colleague of Homer Simpson! Awesome!

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