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They're Mad, I Tell You! MAD!

Let me direct you, gentle reader, to this web page about Walsh's Pyramid. This is a free-standing mountain situated to the West of Gordonvale. Not far west, mind you; it pretty much dominates the town. Make careful note of its height, and the estimated round-trip time for experienced hikers.

Now let me direct you to the official website of the Great Pyramid Race. Every year, roughly one hundred runners test their mettle by ascending to the peak and descending back down again in the quickest time they can achieve.

Today, Saturday August the 20th, is the day of this year's Pyramid Race. As you can see from the official website, the starter's gun goes off at half past two in the afternoon.

I wouldn't blame you for thinking "typical bloody Queenslanders". However, if this website is to be believed, competitors are drawn from not just the town of Gordonvale, the city of Cairns and the state of Queensland, but also the whole country and even the globe.

No, I have no intention of making the run any time in the foreseeable future (i.e. my life).

Vickie's son Karl was thinking about entering next year's run, though.

Yes, he was born in Queensland.

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Hang on... do they go up and down, or just up?

All the way to the summit and back down again, Lauren! There's no road to the peak (hell, I don't think there's even a road to the base), and we don't have any choppers to take a hundred people off the top!


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