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Getting Up Even Earlier

The first week at my new job with the Post is over, and Iím getting a better idea of just what it is Iím going to be doing. Basically, as sales administrator, I help ensure that the advertising sales team can do their jobs as smoothly as possible. This means taking messages and liaising with clients when necessary, but most (I think) of what Iíll be doing revolves around ensuring adverts are booked and prepared properly. As such, I was given a fairly thorough tour of the various departments involved in advertising this week, including the design, proofing and layout areas. I was also taken on a tour of the actual press building yesterday, which was very interesting (and noisy); somehow, though, I thought itíd be bigger than it was!

Iím still getting used to the hours. As the only parking available is either on the street or at the nearby casino, Iím commuting by bus. Itís not bad; I get to relax and read on the way into and out of work. The only problem is that the only bus that gets me to work before eight thirty leaves Gordonvale at a quarter to seven and gets into Cairns at twenty past. Again, itís not bad. Thereís something nice about being in a city ďbefore hoursĒ, when few people are around and everythingís closed. I noticed that once in Sydney, and although a fair few people are up and moving at half past seven, Cairns is still fairly quiet (even the big chain supermarkets donít open any earlier than eight). Still, it means I get up at five thirty.

I finally got assigned to a desk yesterday, and the last full-time person to have it left quite a few things behind, including a big bowl and a spoon. So I might just buy myself a box of cereal at Woolworths one morning and have breakfast at work, so I can get up at six (as I did when I was driving in for Centrelink) instead of half five!

Unfortunately, it looks as though Iíve caught another cold, quite probably from the Postís air-conditioners, so Iím sucking on VapoDrops today and trying (not entirely successfully) to avoid passing it on to Vickie. In fact, if youíll excuse me, Iím just going to make myself a Lemsip MaxÖ

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