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Yes, I Am A Nerd.

One of the first things that were done for us new employees (another person started at the same time I did) was the showing of a News Corporation Induction Video, welcoming new employees to the firm and telling them what a strong multinational company they’re starting with.

Of course, there were the usual snippets of Fox movies and programming, but what surprised me was that they actually included some footage from Aliens in there. Here’s how you know how much of a nerd I am, though. The footage didn’t include any Aliens, or Ripley, or any ships, gear or other characters: It was footage from Hudson’s scan of the atmosphere processor, looking for the colonists; specifically, the part where the computerised map zooms in to show their location. Basically, it was there, to quote the 12th Man, as “colourful and high-tech” transition filler, as the video went from one topic to the next.

It was only there for a split second, and then only used twice, but I noticed it.

Nerd, huh?

Actually, there is one more thing which would further illustrate my nerd status: I actually popped my Aliens Special Edition DVD into my PC's DVD drive and cued up the scene, just to make sure I had the reference correct.

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