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Time Lord

Just one more item on the full-frontal nerdity (thanks, Aaron) topic before I go and do something else (although what, I'm not sure, as today is doing a pretty good job of being rainy and miserable): A couple of days ago, I discovered that the second official Doctor Who roleplaying game, Time Lord (originally published in the early nineties by the Virgin imprint Doctor Who Books), is available for free as a PDF document. It means, of course, that you'll have to print and bind it yourself, and as the original book's art was all copyright of the BBC, it's just basic layout Arial font. But it exists and can be downloaded.

At the time of publishing, I think the general consensus was that Time Lord was the best RPG for creating and playing Doctor Who-style adventures. nowadays, especially with the character-based turn that the new series has taken, I'd be more tempted to consider Primetime Adventures, as the characters' actions and decisions are more directly tied into their personal issues (especially the Doctor's - and yes, he has some now, and they make sense).

Of course, it helps that Vickie got me Episodes One to Three of the new Doctor Who on DVD for our anniversary. I'm thinking of statting up the Ninth Doctor and Rose for Time Lord, as well as some notes on the Time War. You know, just as a geeky exercise.

Oh, the first Doctor Who RPG? That was originally done by FASA, sometime in the mid-eighties, I beieve.

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