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Winding Up for the Pitch

Unfortunately, today's planned brainstomring session didn't go exactly has planned. An urgent family matter sprang up on Seth late last night, which meant he couldn't make it. Vickie, Boots, Gav and I got together via Skype to decide what we wanted to do and to test the software; however, Boots and Gav had intermittent drop-out problems.

The first session of any Primetime Adventures game is dedicated to "the pitch". This term is used in TV-land (and movie-land, I believe) to refer to the selling of an idea for a new TV show (or movie) to network (or studio) executives. In Primetime Adventures, the Pitch is the session where the basics of our fictional TV series are hammered out - where and when it is, what the principal cast usually do every episode, what sort of characters would be cool. As it's important that every player have an investment in the series and at least likes what is finally decided upon, I felt it vital that nobody playing in the game be left out of the Pitch. This meant we either waited for Seth, or pressed on ourselves.

We all agreed that we wanted Seth in the game, and set Wednesday, September the 14th as the date when we'd get together for the Pitch (pending Seth, of course). I'm also having a look at alternate voice chat programs, including TeamSpeak and Ventrilo, in the hope that a server-based system won't have (as many) drops out.

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