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William McInnes is a nice guy.

The above opinion is based on about fifteen minutes' personal observation. The Post received some complimentary tickets to a local premiere of Look Both Ways, a new Australian film starring Mr. McInnes and penned by his wife, Sarah Watt, who also directed.

The film itself is good. Seriously good. You may be expecting a quirky art house film, and actually that's what you'll get, but only because the actors never compromise on being as "real" as possible - there are no "performances", not even the of the slightly-realer-than-real kind common to a lot of modern mainstream drama. There's a lot of evident discomfort, people almost but not quite saying what they mean all the time. They're quirky, but in the same way the rest of us real people are quirky, if you know what I mean. It's well worth going out of your way to watch.

The good thing about the premiere was that William McInnes was, as you've probably gathered from the above, actually there. He introduced himself and the film before screening commence, and came bachk in and sat with us afterward for a Q and A. He's very friendly and quick-witted, and has some strong opinions about our pollies. Were we not both pretty exhaused by the end of the Q and A, I'm sure we would have stuck around wth the rest of the cinephiles to chat with him.

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