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Damn Itch...

Well, as some of you have probably guessed, I'm starting to get the Gaming Itch like nobody's business. I think that's the by product of reading the Actual Play threads on the Forge: all of those testimonials of great times around the gaming table conspire to drive one up the wall when one isn't gaming oneself.

After seven months of Googling, coincidental meetings and the odd e-mail, I've come to the conclusion that there are quite a few Cairns gamers out there; they just don't hang out much on the Internet. I've discovered a few new forums on the web, at least two of which (the Queensland Gamers Guild and Ruby Covenant Roleplaying) encourage Queensland gamers to get involved, but it seems none of the active members are in Cairns; every post I've put up about looking for players or existing groups has been greeted with that wonderful sound of crickets you hear whenever everything stops happening in a Warner Brothers cartoon.

I was thinking about either setting up a forum of my own or re-establishing the Cairns Roleplayers Meetup Group, which Meetup.com closed when I didn't switch over to their fees system. The latter seems like a better approach than the former, as (a) Cairns gamers, as mentioned above, couldn't seem to be bothered with regular forums and (b) the focus of a Meetup group is organization of actual face-to-face meetings. However, Vickie and I have done some budgeting based on my new salary, and we quite literally cannot afford an AU$25 per month subscription right now.

Also, the Cairns gamers that I have met can be rather hard to keep in touch with. Now, let's be honest: I've not been drastically proactive in keeping contact myself, what with all the job juggling I've been doing lately. Still, two illustrations of my point come to mind:

The first happened Monday week ago, when a gent sat down next to me on the bus and caught a glimpse of the printout of The Shab-al-Hiri Roach that I was reading. It turns out he's a gamer himself, and we exchanged e-mail addresses. That night, I sent an e-mail to both of the addresses he provided.

No reply to it or the follow-up message I sent last weekend.

The second happened a few months ago now, when I saw a thread on the FantasySciFi.com forum started by someone else looking for gamers in Cairns. I replied, and so did he; he lives a way up the road on the Atherton Tablelands! I responded again, and let him know I'd be interested in meeting.

Over four months later and still no subsequent response, either to that post or the two private messages I sent.

So, in desperation, I wrote an e-mail last night to all of the gamers I've met since I moved up, saying that I want to game, my wife and I can play and I can also GM, and there are a few things I'm keen on GM-ing at the moment. One of them has already got back to me and let me know that he's very busy right now, but that he's forwarded my e-mail on to some friends of his.

We'll see what happens!

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Good Luck...

If you need a free forum, let me know - I'd be happy to set something up like cairns.fantasyscifi.com or the like.

Glad you were able to find someone through the site. Most of the success stories go untold as people use the site (for what it was designed for) and then get to playing LOL