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Spring Assault

Winter Assault, the expansion pack for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, is due to hit stores in a few daysí time. Now, whether I actually need it is another question. I was playing Dawn of War fairly often a few months ago, but today is the first time I put the Dawn of War disc back in the hard drive since then.

Still, a few of my friends have been looking forward to Winter Assault for a little while, which might prompt a renewal of interest. I also ran into an ex-Dadís Army clan member who also likes his Dawn of War, but interestingly enough hadnít heard about Winter Assault.

For those of you who donít know, Dadís Army was a clan established by a pack of Aussies when the original Battlefield 1942 computer game was released. It died off late last year, but looked to be experiencing a resurgence a month or so ago with the release of Battlefield 2. Unfortunately, its home site, BFAustralia.com, was closed due to lack of traffic.

I am almost tempted to ask Marcus whether the IMAGinES web space could support a forum application. I keep thinking of all these things that it could come in handy for Ė a new home for Dadís Army, a central point for Cairns gamers, a means of organising online games (roleplaying and otherwise), somewhere IMAGinewSies can hang out and chat Ė maybe it wouldnít be such a bad idea.

Then again, Vickie and I did some budgeting today based on my new salary, and it looks like quite a bit of belt-tightening is in order - plus Vickie's birthday is coming up as well. Besides, spending more time playing online games may actually be fatal. I direct you to this GameSpot news article, which will be of special interest to you game-playing gentlemen out there. Read and fearÖ

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