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How come all the exciting stuff happens after we leave?

Joss Whedon recently got himself a sign-on over on the Serenity Oz forums, and just this morning made the following announcement:

    So I'm here in Sydney and tomorrow I've a monstrous bunch of yakking to do, press and all that, a screening -- you guys know the drill. But today, being as that I'm footloose and fancy free, I thought it might be fun to sit down with a few peeps over a foamy beer and be a little less structured. I'm staying near the Orient, which is in the Rocks, so around 5:00 pm I figure to wander down there and hoist a few (just a few). If you're free and bored swing by. I'll be the one with the white carnation and a copy of "War and Peace". (That might be not true.) I'll be the one that looks like Joss, only more tired. (Wait, I always look tired. Maybe I better bring "War and Peace" after all.)

I've already phoned Gav and Sim, and ICQed Boots. The rest of you Firefly fans out there - don't say I didn't try.

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Oh well...maybe we can coerce him into visiting Cairns sometime. I bet if 'they' decide to try another run at a TV show, he will have enough fans in this part of the country,(well at least 2) to convince them to send him on a goodwill visit.


Hee! I reckon we'll have to get those Recruitment Parties underway sometime soon! :-)

Joss was awesome, though I don't think he expected about 100 people to show up...

Got 2 photos and the Mal issue of Serenity #1 signed. Shiny.

Thanks again for the notice Rob!

He touched me!

... He also looked quite shocked that I had run away from work to say hello.

Hell of a nice guy... he made the rounds, talking to everyone... And everyone saw this and just chilled while they waited for him to get around to coming to their table.

(He also laughed at me when I explained that I was queue jumping because I was supposed to be at work, and asked his permission to do a quick fan-girl thing so I could run back before I got seriously maimed by a bunch of footy nutters who didn't understand.)

To recap...
Ahhhhhhh! - He touched me!

Oh... That last comment was going to be full of praise and bigups for the spotting of this terribly important news and the subsequent relaying it to me in time for me to sms all the people in my phone who live in sydney, then wheedle (heh) my way downs there...
You Rock!


HIP HIP.....