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Slightly Off-Pitch

Yesterday was the date Gav, Seth, vickie and I set for the next part of the Pitch: the pre-play session of Primetime Adventures where we work out what the show - the roleplaying game's campaign - will be all about and who the principal cast - the player characters - are. We were due to get together around eight.

At around ten last night, Vickie asks me whether we had anything planned for the coming weekend. I replied that as far as I knew, we had nothing on, although I vaguely remembered organising something.

Vickie replied, "That's the game."

I responded, "No, we aren't doing that this weekend; the next get together is... oh, shit, that's tonight!" I had clean forgot about it! I'd thought about it earlier in the day, but after that it didn't even cross my mind! After all that agitating and organising I'd done, I was very disappointed with myself!

I rushed to the PC, but couldn't see Gav or Seth online, nor had they sent any messages. I sent an apologetic e-mail, byt as it turned out, Gav wasn't there either - he'd pootled into the city for a Gowings sale.

We're kicking the idea of a hookup sometime this weekend around. I've not heard from Seth yet, though.

[UPDATE 24 Sep 05:] Seth replied a little later on. He'd remembered, and had actually been online waiting for the rest of us to show up. Thankfully, he had some work-related stuff to do in the meantime, so it wasn't a total loss for him. We're going to give it another shot this coming Wednesday.

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