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NetRunner Cards on Auction

Back in 1996, Wizards of the Coast, creators and pioneers of the Trading, or Collectable, Card Game, released its second product in the line: a game called NetRunner. It was based on the universe portrayed in the Cyberpunk roleplaying game, and being a fan of said RPG, I was naturally all over NetRunner like a rash. It came out during my first and only year of uni, and as a few of the TCG geeks I'd known from high school went to the same university, I had some opponents.

Unfortunately, NetRunner's popularity waned rather quickly, likely due to the fact that, unlike the almost evergreen Magic: The Gathering (Wizards' first TCG), NetRunner was designed from the ground up with two distinct "sides" which played quite differently. Playing with more than two players was extremely tricky with any odd number, and not quite competitive enough with an even number of players. Within a year or two, NetRunner faded into relative obscurity; players and tournaments became very hard to come by, and resources on the Web devoted to the game closed down.

As a result, I wound up with over 2000 cards sitting on my shelf, mostly un-used. They've remained there for the better part of seven years, and I've been meaning to sell them off for ages. Now, I've finally got around to it. As with my previous auctions, I invite you - nay, encourage you - to take a look, and if you're not interested, please pass the word on to anyone who might be!

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