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Yee Ha.

Sydneysiders are probably in shock after the surprise, blitzkrieg win by the North Queensland Cowboys in this evening's rugby league semi-final match against the Parramatta Eels. Vickie and I kept half an ear out last year when the Cowboys made it into the preliminaries - if I remember rightly, they actually got all the way into the semis before some poor refereeing did them out of a final spot - but it's good to see them in the finals this year.

Of course, they're going to be up against Wests Tigers, a.k.a the Balmain Tigers, and having a family affiliation (the Maloney/Serio branch of my family - my Nan, my Mum, my aunt Trish and my grand-uncle Joe - came up in the Balmain area) I'm firmly behind them in their first grand final since, I think, 1989.

Which means my life expectancy can probably be measured in days.

So if anyone has a spare Large-size Tigers tee or jersey, any chance you could bundle it into the mail and send it to me ASAP, please? If I'm gonna die on Sunday, I want to go out wearing the colours.

(By the way: In an interesting irony, the most recent Tigers import Scott Prince is from Mount Isa, about as Far North Queensland as you can get.)

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