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Why Don't You Have A LiveJournal?

Well, the simple answer is, "Because I have this web log right here!"

The not-as-simple answer is as follows:

When I was first planning transferring my website from a straight, manually-edited HTML site to a website run by a content management application, I thought about setting one up on blogger.com or the like. I think LiveJournal was something of a minor player at the time instead of the 300lb. gorilla it is nowadays. Foremost in my mind, though, was having complete control over the site, and hosting it on somebody's server somewhere running somebody else's app just didn't sit well with me.

Of course, I've got my own content management app - well, not my app per se, but I have full control over it, which is the point. Still, some fiddles I've done have removed a couple of its functions, and I'm always meaning to upgrade to the latest version but never get around to it, and comment and TrackBack spam are becoming a right pain to manage, and it doesn't seem to generate the volume of general discussion on IMAGinewS or commenting on the site as I'd thought (hoped) it would - sometimes it feels as though I'm standing on Speaker's Corner, and people are just wandering past to the big picnic in the Park.

In the meantime, many friends have set up basic LiveJournals, are posting regularly or semi-regularly, get lots of comments and - well, they have this whole social online thing going on that I do get jealous of from time to time (see above comment re: picnic).

Not so long ago, Boots suggested I actually set my own LiveJournal up - whether it was because he wanted to drag my little innocent self into his LiveJournal social web of evil or just easily link to my posts, I don't know (although I suspect the latter).

I gave the matter some thought, and I still think that I'll leave LiveJournalling alone for the moment.

The social aspect is, as I've said, tempting, but the flip side is that it looks very busy, which might mean I'd spend more time on, if you'll forgive me, shits-and-giggles cross-posting than on generating (what passes for) meaningful posts.

Then there's the fact that quite a few of the LJ posts I've seen are responses to questionnaires, either "memes" or those web-applets that categorise you as being someone/thing cool or uncool based on a series of questions. Sallidar's main squeeze fivefoldkiss even goes as far as categorising the posting of your answers and/or the output of one of those web-thingies as "the cardinal rule of LiveJournal". While I have no problem with that, it's not really what I want out of my web log, and I have the feeling that when it becomes obvious that I'm ignoring others' quizzes and memes, I'll be back at square one as people start ignoring me on LJ as well. (Being ignored in two places at once would be a right bugger, eh?)

Even if I did start a LiveJournal, I wouldn't close my Movable Type web log down, so there'd be a doubling-up of posts - which means that, unless there's some easy way to syndicate an MT weblog on LiveJournal (like an RSS feed or somesuch), I'd have to copy-and-paste all my posts into LJ (and probably applly formatting all over again), and then fix any typos or apply any edits twice - as well as two separate comment chains to each post. And the fact that my web log has some problems at the moment simply indicates that I ought to invest some time and effort in fixing them, probably by implementing an upgrade to 3.2.

As I promised at the beginning, that's the not-so-simple answer. As always, if there's something that you think could sway me either way, please feel free to e-mail or comment.

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I went through the same thing with my site in 2003...
I stopped putting news on my site and put a link to my LJ instead.
To meme or not to meme... I dont' tend to do every meme that goes around... I found that people are more likely to put comments on a post that has content, than a meme.
The benefit with LJ is that all your friend's posts are on one page in chronological order, and are ready to read.
What I'd suggest is that you give it a try and see how it sits. the formatting really isn't too bad, and worst cast scenario, all you'd have to do is to set up a macro in work to f+r all the html? (i assume) tags and turn them into LJ tags.

Yeah, and you changed LJ user-ID and forgot to update your website with the new URL for ages! :-D Still, my main site is already a web log, whereas yours wasn't.

I might just give it a try sometime. Probably not this weekend, though, as we've got other things on. (Like Stars On The Move!)

There's also the downside that "imagines" is taken (even though the account has been "deleted and purged", and I tried IMAGinES as well).

I have enough trouble keeping track of you as it is. :(


I never thought you were particularly interested in half the places I go! :-D

I debated doing an LJ for a long long time. I still don't post much personal info in it, more than I should, not as much as some, you might say. I ultimtely got it to do the quizzes and what-not and also, as Sim said, for the friends page. That is a very handy tool to follow-up with friends.

However, that said, I am acquainted with a few people that have LJ's but also have a MT type website for daily blogging and/or a diary-x for more serious, indepth entries. cosmicbabe is the perfect example. She has her LJ, her diary-x http://cosmicbabe.diary-x.com , and her daily blogthing http://cosmicbabe.greyduck.net

So you just need to find the niche that fits you best. I'm still not sure I've found mine, but it's comfortable for the time being.

I like LJ because it lets me keep track of my friends' blogs by going to one page, which makes it a quick and easy check every now and then instead of visiting lots of individual pages. You don't have to answer memes if you don't want to, I think I've done 2 in the years I've been on LJ ^_^ I tend to unfriend people who just post memes anyway, I find them annoying on the level of spam.