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OpenID and TypeKey

I'd noticed this "OpenID" thing suddenly appearing on LiveJournal comment pages a few weeks ago. It was some sort of identity-verifying service for commenting, but as it seemed I might need yet another user-ID and password to get it to work (and I have more than enough of those already), I decided not to bother.

A little more investigation ths morning showed that it was much simpler: a URL-verification system for commenting that only needs the URL in question to link back to an OpenID server - which is intended to be open source freeware. Six Apart have set one up as part of their TypeKey service (which as an MT user I've signed up for), so it means I can my website as an LJ comment user-ID instead of just leaving anonymous comments!

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That is very cool. I noticed the post today for the first time. I don't post much myself on LJ, but I do leave the odd comment here and there. Nick as you are aware is very huge into it.

Hi, Dan,

I know! I'm glad I don't have to resort to being anonymous when commenting on people's web logs any more.

Now all I need to do is get my site upgraded...

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