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Searching for Serenity

Well, I gave MilSims a quick call today; they're all out of copies of the Serenity RPG, and not expecting any more for a few weeks.

So I'm going to call a few RPG stores in Sydney and see if they have a copy - if so, I've recruited my man Gav to pick one up for me and mail it up. (Yes, I'm paying for the lot - Gavin has depressingly little I can blackmail him on.)

[UPDATE 13 Oct 05 1:30PM] As it turns out, we've had an electricity bill and, of course, Zelda's vet expenses sneak up on us, so I'm leaving the Serenity RPG until later - considering that Christmas is coming up, I might even wait until next year sometime.

It's a bugger, as Salidar mentioned that Games Paradise in Sydney has a few copies in (I called them earlier this morning, and they confirmed that). Still, they're selling its copies for $79.95 each, around $14 less than what MilSims is selling its copies for. So waiting's not such a bad idea right now.

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