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If you live in any metropolitan area in Australia, you probably hear about how local bat populations are decreasing in numbers due to the encroachment of the urban sprawl, etcetera.

Have you ever wondered where all those bats go?

If so, I have the solution to your pondering:

Like Vickie and I, they moved to Cairns.

Almost every dusk over the past week, huge, and I mean HUGE flocks of bats go flying over Gordonvale, from the mountains to the East to the valley that leads up toward the Atherton Tablelands. It's an airborne RIVER of bats, I'm telling you, and it just keeps coming! You don't notice when it stops, because it's already too dark to see the little blighters anyway!

It is quite probably the most incredible thing I have seen since I moved up here! The only thing that comes close is the sheer volume of rainbow lorikeets in and around Cairns proper. (There's a whole lot of Lesser Varicoloured Shittybird around the joint.)

If the bats are airborne again tomorrow night, I'll get the damned camera out.

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