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Do Rob's Thinking For Him: Mobile Plans

A few months ago, my AAPT mobile contract expired, and since then, I've been thinking on and off about renewing. A quick look at AAPT's current call plans, though, largely disabused me of that notion, though - either 15c or33c for 30 seconds is just too damned expensive. So, I'm now thinking of switching to another mobile phone service provider.

Therefore, my question to you, my readership, is: What plan or plans would you recommend, either through personal experience or friends who swear by it or them? I don't use my mobile phone that heavily - say, 5 minutes total talk time per week. If it makes any difference, our current home phone and Internet provider is Telstra.

Also, my existing Nokia 6210, a hand-me-down from Vickie, is also getting a bit battered and long-in-the-tooth, so I'm contemplating getting another phone in with the deal as well. Again, any recommendations you'd have would be welcome. If you know me, you probably know I'm not a heavy texter or funky-fone-feature-userer, so I really don't need MMS or anything like. If it's possible to get a phone without a camera nowadays, I'd be in for it. The ability to upload .wav or other media files for use as phunky ringz would be nice; I have some good TARDIS sound files I'd love to use as tones when sending and receiving SMSes.

A wish-list feature would be the ability to use it as a mini-PDA; i.e. able to synchronise with my Mozilla Thunderbird address book (and, if remotely possible, my Sunbird calendar) for contact, appointment and reminder management.

As for overall cost, I'd be willing to spend, oh, $50 tops on a new phone, depending on any connection/switching fees.

Vickie's daughter Deena has recommended Optus' $49 Cap plus Push To Talk plan, especially with its $230 worth of call time per month. Does anyone else use it? If so, what do you think?

[UPDATE 16 Oct 05 12:35 PM:] That comment about 15 or 33c per 30 seonds being too damned expensive looks as though it was a bit premature; based on some investigation since then, 15c/30sec seems like a pretty good rate. So, those of you who were more familiar with mobile rates than I, I hope you got a good laugh out of my presumption!

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If you are looking at upgrading your phone in 1-2 years, there are many many great plans out there.
I upgrade my phone every 3-5 years, and so when I last had to replace my phone (the answer key broke), I went with a phone and plan that is third generation. internet on your mobile... my mobile is a broadband modem too (currently sitting in McDonalds Labrador killing time until Bob puts new tires on my car.)
Being able to access the net anywhere anytime is also verra verra handy... navigating through a strange city using www.whereis.com.au has been an interesting experience. (especially as the boi kept on driving off the edge of the map faster than I could load the next map.)

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