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Palm III/Firebird Synch-Up

While we're on the general topic of PDA synchronisation, does anyone know if it's possible to synch a Palm III (yes, yes, old tech, I know) with Mozilla's Firebird and/or Sunbird programs? If so, how would I go about doing it? I've not used my Palm III in over four years, out of frustration with its incompatibilities with Outlook. I'm wondering whether Mozilla is a bit more interoperable.

[UPDATE 15 Oct 05 9:00 PM:] Actually, don't worry about it; I discovered tonight that my PC doesn't have a serial port that I can connect my Palm III's HotSync cable to. I did a quick search, and most USB-to-serial port adapters cost around $60; also, it seems the software that governs them can be a bit finicky. So I'll leave it.

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You can get serial port cards that plug into your PCI slots. I remember them to be about $30, but the last time I needed one was a while ago.

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