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Mysterious Resurrection

Oh, by the way: I don't know whether I mentioned this when it happened - I believe I didn't - but the subwoofer of our Novo speaker set started refusing to work about six months ago, thus denying the satellites power. After letting it sit in the corner for all that time, I decided to try it out again - and all of a sudden, it works! (I dunno, maybe it was working fine all along, or it fixed itself at some time during those intervening months.) Which means we're back with surround sound!

No, I couldn't do a warranty return - Novo, the company that sold (and possibly made) them doesn't exist any more, and neither does the Rock Group, the local distributor.

While the Novo speaker suite was out, I also discovered how to turn Dolby Digital on in the Xbox. Now it's back up, I've started playing Halo through again - and the difference is astonishing.

Also, I've noticed that with the setting on, the "Dolby Digital" light on the Creative DDTS-100 decoder (which turns the signal into analog channels for the speaker set) stays switched on. I've also noticed that it doesn't do the same when I play a Dolby Digital DVD through the DVD player. The difference between the two is that the Xbox is connected to the decoder via a fibre optic cable while the DVD player uses a coaxial cable. Maybe I need to get another FO cable? They're not that expensive...

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