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A Virus Wearing Pumps And Pearls

Our town is just like any other
Good citizens at work and play
Normal folks doin' business in the normal way
This morning was like any other
Mommies kissing daddies goodbye
Then the milkman screamed
And pointed up at the sky

From Sheilus to the reefs of Kizmar
From Stargate and the Outer Worlds
They're speeding towards our sun
They're on a party run
Here come Tomorrow's Girls

- Donald Fagen, "Tomorrow's Girls", Kamakiriad, Reprise Records (1993)

This was what went through my mind when I read some Forge byplay about Alien Angels, one of the submissions for the September round of Ron Edwards' Ronnies contest, where contestants build roleplaying games in 24 hours. Alien Angels is the submission of one Michael Walton, detailing races of aliens that come to Earth to breed. Female hot babe aliens, of course, not those icky aliens that just suck face and leave (through your chest).

Now, if you've ever heard "Tomorrow's Girls", you'd probably understand why I immediately started thinking about it while reading the above thread. I figured I'd do Michael a favour and send him a link to the Steely Dan website. But first, I downloaded the RPG itself in PDF format.

And right there on the first page is: "Dedicated to: Donald Fagen who, quite without meaning to, gave me the idea."

Roleplaying game, science fiction, (one half of) Steely Dan, all in one neat little package. It doesn't get any better than that.

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