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Sometimes I Hate Gadgets...

Earlier today, I was thinking today's post was going to be one of those I'm Weak posts, you know, how I'd been swearing off buying something I wanted only to not so guiltily splurge on it after all? Heh. Yeah.

So Vickie and I are on a gardening shopping trip today and I casually mention dropping into Hardly Normal. I'd been playing Halo 2 earlier on, and one of the "while you're waiting" videos that plays when you leave it on the startup screens shows a flash of some cool-looking multiplayer. And The Itch set in. Bugger waiting for the Xbox 360, I wanted some of that cool multiplayer stuff!

Anyway, on the proviso of looking for a new printer, Vickie agrees that stopping in at Hardly's isn't a bad idea. About half an hour later, we walk out with a cash-purchase deal on an Epson printer/scanner combo (which we've been needing for a good while), some photo paper, a Netgear WGE111 Wireless Game Adapter, an Xbox Live Starter Kit and the Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack. A stop in at Bunnings for a good selection of plants and gardening gear, and we're on our way back home.

Fast forward a frustration-filled few hours. As far as I can see, both the WGE111 and my existing WGR614 wireless router are both working fine - except neither of them are talking to each other. Although there are only ten, maybe twelve metres of space between them, that space includes three walls, which are, it would seem, enough to sunder wireless communication. So, no luck with connecting to Xbox Live.

Heck, we already knew this place was a mobile dead zone. That should've been a fucking warning sign, don't you think?

I'll take the adapter back to Hardly's tomorrow, but I'm going to hang on to Live and the Map Pack for the moment. I mentioned that we want to get a sparkie in to put another power point into the computer room wall. We picked up an electrical brochure at a home & garden expo a few months back, and one of the featured items was a wall socket for an RJ45 plug; I'm hoping the sparkie can install one in the PC room and one in the living room, then run a Cat5 cable connecting the two under the house.

But it's still damned depressing, especially when I was guilt-tripping myself like crazy about the waste of money earlier. Not to mention the fact that unless either of us gets a wireless-enabled laptop, the router's wireless function is also useless (and even then, it looks as though we'd only be able to connect up only as far as the bedroom).

And you know what else? Remember I mentioned they mysterious resurrection of the speaker system in my last batch of posts? Well, the subwoofer decided to give up the ghost again this afternoon. I don't know whether the damned thing's being temperamental or whether I nudged something I shouldn't have whilst juggling power points, but I really didn't need that on top of everything else today. Looks like I'll have to shell out for a speaker repairman after all.

Even Microsoft Word crashed - twice - while I was trying to write this post. I gave up and just wrote it in the Movable Type client (I hope you'll forgive any typos I missed).

I'm glad I've got Vickie. She's been giving be lots of hugs in the wake of all this.

Oh, and the new printer works like a dream!

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