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I'm going to be letting off some steam here on behalf of both Vickie and I.

Nigh on two weeks ago, we sent an invitation out for a Christmas party at our place this coming Saturday. Start time (5PM) and contact details were clearly spelled out in the invitation, as was "RSVP ASAP".

In that time, we've had a handful of the invitees actually bother to get back to us; even if the answer was "we can't make it", we would have appreciated it early. Instead, we've had to follow up with an e-mail and, a couple of days ago, even call a few people. Sheesh, guys, don't you know "ASAP" stands for "As Soon As Possible"?

Including those we nagged, I think we've only had responses from about half the people we invited, and in total, I think we have four invitees (plus partners where applicable) who are actually turning up. One or two have said they'll see if they can maybe make it, as they have other things on, and if they do deign to turn up, they'll be late - like near midnight. Near midnight - for a party that starts at 5PM?

If this were the only party where we've had to badger our invitees, just so we can have the basic courtesy of replies to our invitations, we probably wouldn't be so shirty, except that this has happened the last few times we've tried to organise a party. Frankly, we're getting sick and tired of being so far down on people's lists that replying to an invitation from us, let alone bothering to organise their schedules so that they can give us a definite "yes" or "no", is too much like hard work.

There are much better ways to flatter people.

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