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Slightly Better Day

Took the Netgear wireless game adapter back to Hardly Normal today and got a refund, $20 of which I then spent on 20 metres of Cat5 network cable. We had a big supermarket shopping trip, and got back in about twenty minutes ago. I've ran the cable from the router, down the hall, across the dining room floor, down the steps and behind the TV cbainet. Made it with at least a metre of slack.

Right now, the Xbox is patching itself from the Live servers. (Woohoo!) Interesting that the $170 solution failed when the $20 solution presented no problems. Draw from that what you will.

Sometime very soon, I'll be taking drill and hole-saw to the living room wall and the computer room floor, then crawling under the house with the cable, a hammer and some staples and get that Cat5 cable out of the way.

Plus, the subwoofer's up again. I'm thinking of getting someone in to look at it anyway, but I think the solution is to switch it off at the main switch at the back every evening.

Oh, and I bought Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" on single. That song always cheers me up.

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Funny how Bad Day cheers you up! Personally Madness'es Grey Day does it for me.

Good to talk again Rob! My turn next time alrioght!

Yeah, I dunno. To me, it's this somewhat melancholy, yet oddly very strong and joyous song, most of which you've probalby heard in bits or pieces elsewhere. It's the sort of song you can imagine a whole crowd of people swinging back and forth to.

Indeed, you slack bugger! :-D

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