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Interesting, The People You Bump Into...

Vickie and I went shopping on Saturday. Close to the markets we get most of our produce from is a little shop called Imagine, which, of course, caught Vickie's attention. It's a general eclectica store: incense, furniture from around our half of the Pacific rim, clothing. Needless to say, it brought the hippie out in Vickie!

While we were browsing, I couldn't help but notice that the gent behind the counter looked sort of like a gamer - glasses, plain grey t-shirt, grey camo shorts, sneakers. I mentioned it to Vickie, and when we went to the counter to buy something, she asked, "Are you a gamer?" (I can always count on Vickie to have more social guts than I.) He was, although mostly in terms of PC gaming, but he told us he's also a masterclass miniatures painter. He asked whether I was as well, and I had to admit that, while I'm pretty good, the last time I actually painted was well over four years ago! (For those of you wondering, those five Hunter Heavy Gears.)

There is a store just North of Cairns that caters to miniatures (yes, including Games Workshop stuff) and holds painting days every couple of weeks; Taeme (as is his name) is a regular there, preferring painting over actual gaming. (He had some horror stories about the D&D games he's been in in the past!) But he knows a few gamers, so here's hoping for next year - the shop has stopped its painting days for the time being, and it will be moving from North of Cairns to within Cairns over the Christmas break. As Vickie and I are South of Cairns, that's marvellous!

So while that's all quiet, I'm hoping Taeme and I can get in some online gaming, or maybe we'll just invite him over - he seems a very nice bloke.

You may ask what the point of this talk of painting days and miniatures is, given that I sold all my minis and paints and stuff before we left Sydney. Well, remember that last week I mentioned doing an I'm Weak post? And how, a little before that, I mentioned being tempted by Starship Troopers: The Miniatures Game?

Well, I didn't give in to that temptation.

Not that one.

Instead, I gave into the temptation (fueled by that MilSims sale) to buy myself a box of MI Cap Troopers, a box of Warrior Bugs and a box of Hopper Bugs. I also ordered a pair of Female Cap Troopers from the Mongoose website (and they came all the way from the UK in less than a week).

They're just for the RPG! Honest! One of the things I noticed at ReefCon was that the regular D&D players had battlemaps and miniatures, even for Star Wars games. So I figure the best way to get the gamers of Cairns interested in a Starship Troopers campaign is to plonk some minis down in front of them and say, "Here are your fearless Troopers, and - oh, look, there are some Bugs!"

Besides, Taeme reckons there can be good money in painting up here, and I will not complain about a little side income that gets me in with the local geek community.

I'll let you know how I go. In the meantime, my other MilSims order arrived today, the one with the dice, the D&D Core Rulebooks, Generation Gap, Winter Assault and, yes, the Serenity RPG. And the RAM, sound card and serial port have come in as well.

So, yes. I'm weak.

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