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For Your Attention

In the post-Christmas period, I'd like to draw the attention of me readership to a few things:

  • Firstly, as you all know, New Year’s Eve is coming up. I know that a few of you are planning shindigs at various spots, and considering the hosts, they're going to be bitchin'. Unfortunately, due to work commitments, Vickie and I can't make them. However, we will be holding an open-door New Year's party at our joint for anyone who'd like to come along. It's going to be BYO nibblies and beverages (alcoholic or otherwise), as we're a little strapped post-Christmas, and it's probably going to be small and comfortable, with the option of watching the fireworks on TV (spotty reception and all) at midnight. If you'd like to spend a comfortable, (comparatively) quiet evening with friends, please give us a call or e-mail.

  • With many thanks to Michael Z in Canberra, I have my hands on the Scifi Re-Imagined Mini-Series of Battlestar Galactica.Vickie and I have seen it, and we reckon it kicks serious arse. SimLauren suggested organising a Viewing Day sometime soon; it'll mean connecting my PC to our TV screen, but I'd like to do it. Is anyone interested? (And does anyone have a cable that connects a standard stereo headphone jack to the red/white audio ports on a TV?)

  • Still on the get-togethers topic, but moving from physical to virtual, I'd like to direct your attention to an MSN forum known as Jake’s Bar. Vickie is a moderator there, and as we've grown dissatisfied with a lot of other forums we've spent time on (they've gone from social chat to political bitching), we want to give Jake's a kick-start. We need more regulars, though, so if you have an MSN Passport, please wander over, sign in and say hello!

  • And finally tonight, I'd like to suggest that those of a PC gaming bent check out a little game called Star Chamber. It's this odd, addictive hybrid of turn-based strategy and collectible card game. Not only is this 10MB download really good, but it's also entirely free - although that only gives you some sample star-maps and card decks for five of the major races. If you want to seriously get into it (which I'm not yet), you're looking at buying virtual starters and boosters, which are still much cheaper than most collectible card games on the market today. Even so, the sample stuff really gives you a good taste of how the game works, and you can probably play with those for a while. If you download it, give me a hoy, and we can organise a few games (it's strictly two-player).

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