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Post-Christmas Ramble

Hello everyone! There�s nothing I particularly want to focus this post on, so I�m going to ramble between a few topics. I hope you don�t mind � and speaking of hopes, I also hope you all had a Merry and Safe Christmas.

Presents-wise, I�d like to say a big thank-you to my Vickie, who picked out a great pair of sunglasses for me (I�ll supply a photo when I�m looking a bit better), to Mum & Dad, Trish, Nan and Aunt Heather for the shirts (all of which not only fit but look very natty), to my Mum and Dad for the Borders vouchers (How the hell am I going to spend them all?), to Grandma for the cash (which was retroactively spent on our digital camera), to Dan & Lesley for the hamper-ful of goodies, and to Dan & Gav for the Battlestar Galactica Original Series DVD Boxed Set (you bastards). Dan also chucked me a copy of Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield, which I�ve been told Boots and Gav also have, so that gives us something we can all play online! (Once I finish the training�) Thank you also to everyone who sent us a Christmas card, whether physical or e-card. We're very glad you thought of us, and it really is the thought that counts!

Taronga Zoo was lovely, if hot, on Christmas Day, although we managed to tour the place surprisingly quickly. It probably helped that we�d been there a few times before during the year, plus there were renovations for the new elephant enclosure and a caf� plaza, which meant that several enclosures simply weren�t there. We got to see the two new lion cubs dozing with their Dad, while Mum looked on regally, but unfortunately the tiger cubs were hiding. Vickie�s adopted kids, the dingoes, were also crashed out for the afternoon. (You'd think they'd be more active for their sponsors, but there you have it.)

Today, we had SimLauren & Jason over for the afternoon. We treated them to pizza, and Vickie and Lauren traded jewellery beads and drooled over online catalogues while Jason and I talked RPGs. Jason has had a 7th Sea game running for a long while, and some of the things he implemented for it in terms of character creation and plotting were very funky; the way he tells it, he's been able to incorporate a sensibility of legend into his character backgrounds and plot development. I showed him an idea I had for an octaNe con game, which I think he was either impressed with or scared by; the man keeps his cards close to his chest, so it�s hard to tell.

We were thinking of going to see Return of the King today, but we think the queues for it are going to be hellish. As I have the whole week off work, we�ve decided to leave it until later. Dan & Lesley are going to catch a session on Monday night, so we�re babysitting Emily & Gabrielle; we traded a couple of sittings for Dan & Lesley�s three-drawer filing cabinet, which has already made our lives much easier.

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