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Enforced Early Holiday

So I overslept this morning. My fault; I assumed the alarm was working when I hadn't even switched it back on after yesterday morning (in my defense, the little Alarm On light was indeed on). I got up, got myself sorted and got out of the house at half past eight. I dropped off some presents and cards on the way to the station, and arrived at twenty to nine, five minutes before the next train was due to arrive. And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And all of a sudden, at around five minutes to nine, this announcement comes over the PA; there's a rail strike on, and no more trains will be running until three.

Vickie's going to work tonight, so I can't take the car (not that I'd particularly want to), and I was due to start annual leave tomorrow anyway. So, looks like I'm on holidays as of today!

Which is good, as we have some shopping to do and prezzies to deliver.

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