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Crimson Skies: First Ever Battle Report!

Brought to you by Coopers Pale Ale and Kettle Chips

Hi everyone. As you know, Boots, Gav, Dan and I have been playing some Crimson Skies lately. I went on hiatus for a while when Vickie and I went to the UK, but I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things – very slowly, if last night’s battle with Dan is any indication.

Vickie took an extra shift to fill in for an absentee last night, so I called Dan to see what he was up to. He popped around with beer and chips; I set up the table and decided to log the battle properly, photo-record and all. (Boots and Gav have taken photos of previous battles, but as they don’t have websites, they’ve not yet done anything with them.)

After some discussion, we decided that a 400-point battle would allow both of us to use all of our Squadron regulars, plus the Ace plane and the Fate abilities of the Ace figure, without dropping anyone down an experience level. The breakdown was as follows:

Dan: The Red Skull Legion

  • 50: Jonathan ‘Genghis’ Kahn

  • 96: Jonathan ‘Genghis’ Kahn’s Kestrel

  • 74: Harry ‘Lucky’ Kenyon’s Kestrel

  • 72: Luthor ‘Pry-Bar’ Prymon’s Kestrel

  • 48: Henrietta ‘Hettyhawk’ Corbett’s Peacemaker

  • 52: Rafael ‘Fencer’ Herrera’s Peacemaker

  • Total: 392

Rob: The Fortune Hunters

  • 50: Maria Sanchez

  • 85: Maria Sanchez’ Vampire

  • 74: ‘Big John’ Washington’s Vampire

  • 72: ‘Brooklyn’ Betty Charles’ Vampire

  • 50: Ellen Sue ‘Tex’ Ryder’s Devastator

  • 50: Robert ‘Buck’ Deere’s Devastator

  • Total: 381

With evenly matched squadrons like those, you’d expect a fairly even slug-out of a match. Well, although the planes balance on points, it’s a shame the players don’t quite, as you’ll see.

Dan got the high-roll for set-up, and opted to spread his planes in a neat line. I spread my forces out in an attempt to pick and focus on targets. Here’s how it looked:

The Set-Up Phase

Turn 1
Dan won the roll for initiative. Speeds were set, and to do something different (and maybe win an early kill), I set my planes’ speeds to 5. This meant over-revving my two Vampires, and although Big John made his Piloting roll, Brooklyn managed to roll snake eyes. I had taken the first click of damage before anyone had even moved. Of course, no one was in range, and as a consequence of me using my Cruise cards on my Vampires, I rather sillily used right-turn Glide cards on my Devastators, leaving Sanchez with a right-hand Bracket.

Dan had set all his planes to 4 and 3, but the only eventful happening there was the label on the underside of Hettyhawk’s base (the one with the experience table on it) falling off.

End of Turn 1

Turn 2
I won initiative this turn, and kept it for the rest of the game. I don’t think it worked out particularly well for me, but I didn’t exactly help the situation either.
On 5s, I managed to get Tex into Hettyhawk’s rear arc, but even with four dice of Armour Piercing (misses are re-rolled) I only scored one Click of damage. One measly Click! The down-side was a collision between Big John and (I believe) Pry-Bar, but I think we both managed to emerge unscathed.

It looked as though Dan might have scored the first kill of the game on fours, but there was some confusion as to the modifiers applied to Genghis’ shot at Brooklyn with Ceramic-Coated Magnesium. Brooklyn took six Clicks, but was thankfully still in the fight.

End of Turn 2

Turn 3
This was where it all started to come apart for me. Maybe it was the humidity, maybe it was because I’d been feeling tired all day, but I managed to make a couple of spectacular and stupid mistakes that probably cost me the game.

On fives, Genghis managed to line up five dice of Ceramic Coated Magnesium against Buck – and with nine Clicks, finished off the softening-up Dan’s other planes had done in Turn 2. Needless to say, Buck didn’t make it out of his cockpit alive. Some nifty manoeuvring on Dan’s part brought nearly all his arcs to bear on my planes, and mucho tenderising was done. We had another collision in fives, between Tex and Pry-Bar, and I think Tex walked away with a Click while Pry-Bar was undamaged.

Fours saw the dopey error from heck. You can see it on the end-of-turn picture. See how Maria Sanchez is down the bottom of the picture, pointing North-West? She was pointing at the exact spot Lucky Kenyon was at the beginning of the turn – except Dan had set Lucky’s speed to four as well, so I wound up aiming at nothing. I realised my mistake barely a second after I put my Glide navigation card by Maria and nodded to Dan to place his cards. At the very least, none of his planes had a shot at Maria.

By the end of the turn, I’d managed to lose Brooklyn, and although I’d done some damage, all of Dan’s planes were still airborne.

End of Turn 3

Turn 4
Well, this was pretty much it. In this turn, Dan pureed Tex and Big John, whilst inflicting a few clicks on Maria. I managed to get my own back, though; with the use of one of Maria’s Fate points, I managed a seven-die attack of Ceramic Coated Magnesium on Lucky, who took ten Clicks of damage. Still, with a four-on-one ratio and a Vickie to pick up from work in a quarter of an hour, I graciously signalled defeat at the end of the turn.

End of Turn 4

I don’t think Dan, Gav, Boots or I have ever scored a game of Crimson Skies before (at least, not in games amongst ourselves), so I was keen to see how we had done. When I totalled the points – all of our losses were direct kills by the other player, not due to engine stress or collisions – I had 233 while Dan walked away with a final score of 760.

Old Comments

Never mind sweetie...at least you could use the towel to dry your tears.

Btw, this is a nice presentation.Very pro.


Posted by: Vickie at December 21, 2003 12:45 PM

This is great! now, if only Gav and I (who also have some piccies to turn into something hopefully this polished) will get of our behinds, we may have some more battle reports!

Posted by: Boots at December 21, 2003 08:47 PM

Admittedly most of my pics didn't turn out as great, but I'd love to do something along these lines.

And Rob, you did mention you had all that extra space...

Posted by: Gav at December 21, 2003 10:24 PM

Heh heh! Yeah, I do - but I think there's a good chance that Vickie and I might use a lot of it up by ourselves.

Do you have web space of your own, or are you just sharing EvilHayama's connection? And if it;s the latter, why not get in touch with Marcus about some hosting space of your own?

Posted by: IMAGinES at December 22, 2003 09:12 AM

Yep, I'm sharing Jake's connection.

I just may do that about the webspace, but I'd prefer to have something to do with it first, not just incredibly biased reviews of CD's by bands on-one else has heard of.

Posted by: Gav at December 22, 2003 01:13 PM
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