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Shopping and Food (Not Food Shopping)

Hi everyone! After a few days of random stuff, I thought I was high time we caught up on some news.

Well, thankfully things weren’t too out of order on Sunday after the party. We’d taken a look at the food situation earlier that morning (before we went to bed) and realised that we had heaps left over, so much so that a lot of it would spoil before we had any hope of having it for lunches and dinners. Mid-day Sunday, we hit upon an idea – invite some friends over to help us finish it off.

After making a few phone calls, we decided to spend the afternoon in Chatswood, doing some Christmas shopping. I picked up my comics, Vickie picked up some more beads, we browsed through the BaySwiss store for some crockery and incense, and we made a venture into Toys ‘R’ Us to get something for Vickie’s grand-sons in Brisbane, Troy and Jake. While we were there, Vickie set eyes on a near-life-size plush boxer pup and fell in love immediately. When she told me she couldn’t afford him, I took him from her, pulled out my credit card and said, “Merry Christmas, darling!”

In a conversation with the people ahead of us at the checkout, we decided on the name “Kostya”. Right now, he has pride of place, sitting beside our Christmas tree. I’ll have to take a photo with our digital camera and put it up on the site tonight.

Oh, yes, the digital camera! We managed to wangle Boots into coming over and eating our food (not that that’s really a hard sell with Boots, but anyway). As we were in the area, we told him we’d pick him up after work – and then decided to go in and have a browse ourselves. As a result, we walked away with a new 2 Megapixel Fuji digital camera and some handy accessories, and Boots was able to give us a quite affordable price on the lot. It’ll come in handy when we dash off to Cairns in January.

So anyway, we had Boots, SimLauren and Jason over for food on Sunday night. We pulled out the salad, the rest of the turkey and some left-over pastries (provided by Mum & Dad the night before). Jason and Lauren forgot to bring the leftover won ton from Saturday night back with them, but that wasn't a big deal; we had plenty anyway.

I also sat them down to watch Equilibrium, which I reckon they all liked. Afterwards, we were all discussing the ideas of Utopias and Dystopias and the ideas presented in the film, and Boots had the idea that he and I ought to do movie reviews. If I remember his idea correctly, he’d be the belligerent, vehement one, while I’d get to be all calm, rational and reasonable. Tempting little thought, that. I think he was talking about something web-based, and I’ve had a few ideas around that; maybe with a new Movable Type blog with us as authors and using Categories (which we’d post under) for the movie titles. Either that, or doing it as a “daily” thing. Anyway, Boots is coming over here again tonight, so we might hash it out a little more then.

Maybe he’s trying this as a back-door way of getting me involved with his film club…

After all that talk about invitations for Christmas Day, Vickie and I finally remembered last night what we’d actually planned several weeks ago for Christmas: Pack a picnic basket and go to Taronga Zoo. We’ve not taken advantage of Vickie’s Zoo parenthood since I gave it to her for her birthday in early October, so we’re going to actually have a Christmas out.

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