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This just needs to be shared...

"At this point, one of the players got The Look. I will, forever, call it The octaNe Look. I'd seen this guy play through some of the most bizarre Changeling, Gurps and Cthulhu campaigns we could manage. I'm talking, traversing forests of dildos, heat seeking baguettes, goblin scone launchers, turnips, kobolds, Elvis as the chief deity of the Orcs, Snow Golem Lawn Gnomes, some seriously weird stuff. But monkeys in a blimp demanding his gas, dropping onto the back of his bike and pummeling him on the head... it was too much. He got The octaNe Look, the one that says "My brain has been replaced by a little squeaking pig." This scene proved what I have come to call the Jared Theorem - Anything Can Be Improved With The Addition Of Monkeys."
- From The Party, an octaNe adventure rundown.

I'm seriously thinking of getting this game. I mean, it's only $13 for the PDF.

After Christmas, though.

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