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The Religion of Environmentalism

I went, I read, I thought "Oof."

Granted, the author is Michael Crichton, who has been known to be alarmist in the past. But I think it's worthwhile reading nonetheless.

Old Comments

Thanks for posting this link darling.
It was a pleasure to read such a well written article. I think he raised some very relevant points.

Survival has always been man's strongest urge and I'm afraid we've grown remarkably soft. We tend to think survival belongs on 'reality TV'instead of being our ultimate aim.

I'd very much like to meet Mr.Crichton and have a long discussion with him on the subject.

Considering Environmentalisam as a 'religion' was new to me,but then, anything that has spawned so many fanatics is worthy of the name. It's also a wonderfully controversial football, bound to be kicked around the political arena as long as it holds enough globally warmed air to keep it bouyant.

Human beings will continue to accept half truths and damned lies until the cows come home...it's easier than having to actually think for themselves.

I believe in husbanding the environment. It's the only world we have and if we don't look after it, we may be forced to use our non-existant survival skills to ensure that mankind makes it through. To me this is a fact and not some dogma that I've been force fed by the media and those who stand to profit from 'saving' us from ourselves.


Posted by: Vickie at December 10, 2003 12:48 AM
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