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Example of Play

So in the News & Musings before last, I was rabbiting on about InSpectres. But what's it like to play?

Well, I don't think there are any examples of play outside of the rulebook, but there's a very funky one for another game by the same man, octaNe, written by a con GM. octaNe has a whole different premise to InSpectres; rather than ghost-busting, it's meant to crecreate this whole tripped-out, B-movie, Elvis Meets Snake Plissken On Route 66 crazyness flavour (also known as Psychotronic). But the story is still a good example of the sort of general mayhem that can occur in InSpectres, when roleplayers finally realise they can direct the plot.

It's called From Shangri-LA to Lost Vegas in 3.4 Seconds.

(Warning: Game was played whilst moderately intoxicated. Some inappropriate language.)

Read. Fear. Experience the burning urge to play it yourself.

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